Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Project Drive - New Release

Updated Version of Project Drive, Leading Web-based Project Management Solution Now Available

Quebec, Canada, December 17, 2008 - TGMT Systems Inc, today announced the launch of an update for its web-based business solution, Project Drive ( Project Drive is a fully customizable, web-based project management solution.

TGMT Systems has launched updates for the popular solution based on collaborative work with its clients. The updated version includes, new Simple Project Management template and Project Creation Wizard, Task relationship Wizards and new reporting functions.

“This updated version of Project Drive increases it user-friendliness, making projects easier and faster to create and manage through new templates and automated functions” said Thierry Tremblay, CEO of TGMT Systems. “Project Drive is unique in the industry because of its level of adaptability and flexibility. It is the only web-based project management solution that allows users to fully customize the interface and workflows, making it a turnkey solution for any business. From our work with our clients, we have added to Project Drive functions and icons directly in the interface that allow an increase in productivity while not limiting customization by the client”.

Template-based, every aspect of the software can be adapted to company needs, eliminating time and expense associated with having to adapt existing processes and workflows to the software. Project Drive provides all the tools necessary for efficient project and workflow management, from scheduling to cost control, to resource allocation and documentation sharing as well as reporting functions and Gantt charts, within an intuitive interface. Web-based, Project Drive truly promotes collaboration and communication, between internal work teams or with external partners such as vendors, clients and remote access employees.

Project Drive’s launch has already witnessed an important success and has been adopted by project management professionals and organizations, such as the University of Ottawa. "I found Project Drive easy to use. It has made managing our research project a breeze” commented Daniel Gervais, Acting Dean, Common Law, Oslers Professor of Technology Law and Vice-Dean of Research International intellectual property for the University of Ottawa. “It allowed my team members to work together, even from different locations"


Founded in 1998 by a small group of seasoned developers and graphic designers, TGMT Systems Inc, based in Quebec, Canada, is the creator of popular web-based business solutions, such as and TGMT Systems provides advanced business management solutions within intuitive, easy to implement environments, focusing on customer-driven innovation. TGMT Systems supports its web-based solutions with a sophisticated data center and has implemented best-of-breed security and redundancy protocols.

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