Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Advantages of Software as a Service

Web based project management software such as Project Drive can also be described as software as a service, or SaaS. Basically, what this means is the software is hosted on the providers servers instead of being downloaded and residing on individual computers.

There are several distinct advantages to using a hosted service, the most important to businesses related to costs. Most software applications are sold on an individual license basis necessitating a separate license, and the associated costs, for each computer on which the software resides.

Then there are the additional costs of having an employee install and maintain the software, including updates which can be frequent in many cases, backing up the data, purchasing hardware, etc.

With SaaS, since it is web based and housed elsewhere, the users pay a small monthly or annual fee based on number of users that is considerably less than purchasing individual licenses. If more users are required, such as may be the case with project management software, they can be added later and be up and running within minutes. The scalability of such software is essentially unlimited.

Another major advantage of web based project management software is that it is accessible anywhere in the world from any computer. All that is needed is access to the Internet.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Communicating with Team Members in Different Time Zones

In today’s shrinking world, many companies are doing business all over the globe. Team members based in different time zones working on the same projects can create problems for those responsible for managing the projects. It can be extremely difficult to share information and communicate with all team members in a timely manner.

However, web based project management software, such as Project Drive, provides the solution. All team members, regardless of their location, receive real-time updates on the project with the automated communication functions included in the software. Not only does it allow team members to send and exchange comments, but will also distribute emails on major actions. The email function allows:
  • Selection of fields to trigger notifications and which users will receive them.
  • Notifications to be sent to one or multiple users
  • Notifications to be sent users when tasks are assigned
  • Notification of users of important new information which requires their attention and converts these issues into tasks

Friday, September 25, 2009

Being Ready to Handle Your Projects logo

With so many variables that can go wrong with a project, it’s important for project managers to identify all areas where money can be saved, what employees are doing, print out documents, and take care of problems that might occur. All will agree that it’s not easy to manage a project no matter what kind of project it is. There is a solution to that, provided by Project Drive. That solution is online project management software, software that is efficient for project managers of all levels. At, they are striving to make your project the smoothest running that it can be.

See their featured products and what they’re doing to create solutions for project managers.

For more information about online project management software visit

Productive Project Management logo

Companies have their own way to handle projects whether they are large or small, single or multiple. Many companies utilize web based project management software because there are plenty of things that we need to keep track of. Companies can customize the software to fit their project’s parameters.

Imagine being able to keep up with all aspects of your project from top to bottom, including your employees and what they’re doing. Locate any potential issues or identify and correct any current ones. Project Drive has created the perfect software for web based project management. Save time on your project and watch it run smoothly.

For more information, go to

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Managing Your Projects Easily and Effectively logo

Those who have managed a project know it’s not easy to do. Any little thing can make a project go south and as a manager you know that can prevent you and the project from reaching its goals.

Project Drive created the perfect online project management software that will not only help you document every detail on the project and identify current or projected issues with the project, it will help you keep track of everyone’s progress.

Time tracking is tricky if you’re going at it manually. Something would inevitably be missed or miscalculated. Later, I’ll be discussing the ramifications of not using a high quality project management tool in regards to tracking issues and documenting progress.

Go to to see what they can do for you.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Employee Time Tracking Software you can Trust logo

Imagine software that not only takes a look at what your employees are doing, but also if they’re being honest.

Keeping track of all aspects of your project is important and your employees fall under that rubric. Employee time tracking software is essential in identifying the employees that are excelling and which ones are merely wasting time. This in turn helps you identify how you want to proceed with the next levels of the project. Time tracking is more than just punching your time card. Project Drive has created employee time tracking software that is unique because it tracks more than just the employees’ time, but the time of the project itself. Time is money.

You should ingrain in your mind if you’re a project leader or aspire to be one. In later blogs, I will discuss the importance of time tracking software as it relates to the tracking any current or potential issues that may occur.

For screen shots or to read about more features on the employee time tracking software, check out

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Unique Features Added to Project Drive, Leading Web-based Project Management Software. logo

Quebec, Canada, April 1st, 2009 - TGMT Systems Inc, today announced the launch of an update for its web-based business solution, Project Drive ( Project Drive is a fully customizable, web-based project management solution.

In line with its philosophy of continuous innovation, TGMT Systems has launched an update for the popular web-based project management software, which includes a market-unique Timesheet Module and enhancements to the interface and to user productivity features.

Project Drive's Timesheet Module provides companies with detailed and real-time insight into the costs and return on investment of their projects. The Module was also developed with service providers and consultants in mind, allowing companies to set both resource's cost and billing rates, for normal, overtime and company-specified type of operations. The Module offers flexible features to manage time and costs at the task, project and company level, while providing reporting functions allowing managers to view costs, billing and employee information for a specific project or task or for all company projects with an additional variable of day, week and month summaries.

Additionally, users can now easily create a new project based on an existing project, allowing the selection of project's tasks, links between tasks, recurring tasks, default queries and security settings. Project managers can now quickly create new projects based on existing ones and benefit from copying methodologies, proven successful for the company.

Focused on user friendliness, the updates also include enhancements to Project Drive's interface, with user selection of interface mode, such as Quick Help Mode, which provides users with a guided experience, complete with icons and in-context descriptions and quick tips.

"Project Drive is the result of our commitment to innovation and our openness to client comments and market needs," said Thierry Tremblay, CEO of TGMT Systems. "Project Drive is unique in the industry because of its level of adaptability and flexibility. We continuously develop new features, taking into account all possible users and our client's experience with the software. The Timesheet Module is a unique and valuable add-on to a project management software, which will help any company achieve control over project costs and billing, no matter their business model".


Founded in 1998 by a small group of seasoned developers and graphic designers, TGMT Systems Inc, based in Quebec, Canada, is the creator of popular web-based business solutions, such as and TGMT Systems provides advanced business management solutions within intuitive, easy to implement environments, focusing on customer-driven innovation. TGMT Systems supports its web-based solutions with a sophisticated data center and has implemented best-of-breed security and redundancy protocols.